Advantages and disadvantages of the peroxide sulfation system


  • 1) Have superior heat resistance and low pressure transformer.
  • 2) Sulcanation speed is fast at high temperature, and there is no sulfide antigenic phenomenon.
  • 3) Good color stability, no pollution, most peroxides do not spray frost, and the storage has no burning danger.
  • 4) Simple formula, easy vulcanization with different polymerers.


  • 1) The vulcanation speed is slow at low temperature, so the high vulcanation temperature is required.
  • 2) The physical and mechanical properties of vulcanide adhesive are low, such as stretching, tear, wear resistance, etc. Especially for poor tear resistance at high temperature.
  • 3) Most peroxides are smelly and may react with other complexes.
  • 4) The price is relatively high.


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