Production process and process of silicone keys

In our life, we often use a lot of items about silicone buttons, such as: TV remote control keys, air conditioning remote control keys, computer keyboard, car keys and so on, and some other buttons, the family are basically silicone buttons.

Design and development of silicone button mold: with its own silicone mold factory, it can design and develop the key mold according to the customer's silicone key samples or silicone key drawings, and the mold development can be mass produced after mold test.

Silicone gel vulcanization molding: the plate vulcanization machine has manual, automatic and vacuum three ways, the mold adopts the mold, of course, there is a special three board mold, the production of the mother mold up, male mold on the conductive black particles and its material, the mother mold under the color key, mold under the pressure vulcanization molding.

After the vulcanization treatment, the mold vulcanizer, open the mother mold, out of the silicone button product.

In the vulcanization molding process, the key control factors are: temperature (upper and lower mold temperature), pressure and sulfation time.

Secondary vulcanization of the silicone button: the semi-finished button after vulcanization can decide whether to conduct secondary vulcanization according to the requirements of the customer's decision. The purpose of the secondary vulcanization of the silicone button is to remove the residual vulcanization residue in the button and improve the performance of the silicone button.

Silicone gel button silk printing / radium carving / drop glue process: its own silk printing oil injection process workshop, can be printed according to the customer requirements of the silk printing design pattern.

Key to remove the edge, wear the edge treatment: remove the edge using the punch press and its punching die, the silicone button pad hair edge washed away, into a neat and beautiful finished product.

However, most silicone button edges are difficult to wash, requiring a lot of manual cutting, resulting in increased production cost of silicone buttons.

The final production and processing process is usually: the quality inspection of silicone button silicone rubber button quality control includes: sulfur molding quality control, radium carving, drip silk printing, and finished product quality control.

In the process of sulfur molding, the key inspection items are: size, elasticity, hardness, stain, color difference, missing material shortage or unqualified, so as to remove bad products.

Silk printing process quality inspection button is eye-catching: the product has heavy shadow, cream overflow, fuzzy handwriting, poor wear resistance, etc. Case finished product quality control and inspection items: printed products, unprinted products with no need for printing, stamping and other full inspection, and all kinds of bad products are detected after packaging.



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