The hazard of hardening of silica gel gasket

In the process of use of silicone thermal conductive gasket, due to the long-term high temperature environment, the hardness will increase, which will seriously affect the use effect and service life of the gasket, and will also cause damage to electronic and electrical equipment.

Therefore, it is necessary to do an aging test, different manufacturers, different applications will have different standards, the common one is 150℃ baking for 72 hours, to compare the hardness before and after baking.

Because such thermal conductivity materials are mostly used in precision and complex electronic and electrical products, once such problems occur, the common hazards are as follows:

  • 1.After the gasket becomes hard, it is not only not convenient for the construction, but also reduces the fitting degree, seriously increases the heat resistance, and reduces the heat dissipation effect.
  • 2.After the construction hardened, the gasket itself is easy to crack, or even pulverized, and the gasket life is shorter, and seriously reduce the heat dissipation effect.
  • 3.Later hardening will also appear the separation of gasket and protected components, resulting in a directly exposed components, which is easy to cause product short circuit or thermal oxidation, rust, affecting the life of components.


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